Simon Groove, on kazoo and throwing horns.

@ Kazoo Hero dot Com

Simon I Groove here. Hi!

I sing karaoke in downtown Albuquerque.

Great guitar solos are part of my favorite songs. In karaoke, that means a lot of standing around not singing. So, I decided to sing along to the guitars too. Enter the kazoo.

This is my ridiculous hobby. I feel humbled that people love it as much as I do. Thank you for sharing it with me!


Volume 1 celebrates the meteoric rise and tragic fall of the Kazoo Hero, staged rock opera style in karaoke.

Volume 2 is coming soon, and features Saffron.

The first tribute album is in the mix for 2024.

Thanks for listening! I hope we meet at karaoke soon.

Fave ABQ Karaoke Bars

  • Tractor Brewery Wells Park
  • Red Door
  • 505 Central Food Court
  • Sidewinders

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